Visitor Information

MASONS:  All Master Masons in good standing in a Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons is welcome to visit at any time and take part in any of our meetings.  This includes members of Lodges operating under the authority of the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina, Free and Accepted Masons.  All you will need as a first-time visitor is a current dues card and a healthy appetite.  Do you have a Masonic Passport?  Our Secretary will be happy to stamp it for you and record the details of your visit. 


"RUSTY NAILS:"  Haven't been to Lodge in a while?  Forgotten a thing or two?  Don't worry about a thing.  We'll be glad to see you again, and we'll have a Brother go over anything you'd like to discuss ahead of time, and sit with you in the Lodge if you'd like.  No hassle or embarrassment- guaranteed.


NON-MASONS:  You are welcome to visit us any time we are open to the public, such as during our monthly Fellowship Breakfasts, or during any dinners we have prior to our meetings.  We also hold many public events and ceremonies throughout the year, such as our annual Installation of Officers.  Phoenix Lodge is open during many of the community events held at Festival Park.  Feel free to stop in and say hello, take a tour, or request information.  We'll be happy to show you around our historic building.