To Be One, Ask One (2B1Ask1)

You may have heard this or seen this on a bumper sticker... what does it mean?


Ever wonder why no one ever asked you to join Freemasonry?  Do you know a Freemason and think it's strange that he never invited you to apply for membership? 


Freemasonry is perhaps unique among fraternal organizations in that we are prohibited from asking men to join us - even good men like you. To become one, you must ask one...


To become a Freemason, a man must seek membership of his own free will and accord.  That is really all there is to it.  You must be recommended by two Master Masons, normally but not necessarily members of Phoenix Lodge, and they will sign your petition.  If you know two members of Phoenix Lodge this step will be easy.  If not, don't worry - come on down to the Lodge on any night that we're having a dinner, or attend one of our Fellowship Breakfasts (1st Saturday of every month).  Meet some of the Brothers and it likely won't be long before two or more members get to know you well enough to recommend you for membership. 


Work with a Mason, or have one in your family?  If you have questions about who can recommend you for membership, ask our Secretary for specifics about the application process.  He'll be glad to help.