The Mason's Ties and Duties (On Yonder Book)

Author Unknown

The Mason's Ties And Duties


In Mason's Lodge with darkened eyes
And cable tow about you
You swore to Hele all mysteries
That Masons keep and Masons prize
The Brothers secrets whispered low,
The words they speak, the things they do,
In mystic manner taught you.

On yonder book, that oath you took, and you should break it never. But stand by this(1), and this(2), and this(3), forever and forever.

You swore to answer and Obey
The Summons sent you duly
My Brothers hand or Lodge array,
You swore that you would never stray
From laws and rules that bound
Freemasons in the days renowned
But would observe them truly.

On yonder book that oath you took, and you should break it never, But stand by this(4), and this(5), and this(6), forever and forever,

You swore in charity to care
For all with sorrow smitten,
The Brother on the darkened square,
The Widow, full of grief and care,
The sorrowing orphan doomed to stray
On life's cold path and cheerless way
While tears gush forth unbidden. 

On yonder book that oath you took, and you should break it never, But stand by this(7), and this(8), and this(9), forever and forever

You swore to deal in honesty
With each true heart around you
That honour bright should ever be
The unbroken bond, twixt him and thee'
Nor wrong, nor guile, nor cruel fraud
Should ever break or loose that holy chord
With which these vows have bound you

You swore the chastity to shield
Of women true and tender
A brother's wife, A brothers child
His Mother, Sister, Undefiled
Those, pure of heart, whose love
Makes Masons' homes like heaven above
You are their sworn defender

On yonder book, three oaths you took and you should break them never
But stand by this(10), and this(11), and this(12), forever and forever.

These are our vows, be these our care,
And may such light be given
In answer to our earnest prayer
That we may ever do or dare.
All that Gods gracious laws enjoin
That, so,when shades of night decline.
We may be found in heaven.

On this fair book these vows we all took and we should break them never But stand by this(13), and this(14), and this(15), forever and forever.




At 1 The presenter takes Step
At 2 The presenter shows E.A. sign
At 3 The presenter cuts E.A. sign

AT 4 The presenter takes step
At 5 The presenter shows F.C. sign
At 6 The presenter discharges F.C. sign

At 7 The presenter takes step
At 8 The presenter shows M.M. sign
At 9 The presenter discharges M.M. sign and recovers

At 10 The presenter takes step, shows E.A. sign, and cuts it
At 11 The presenter takes step, shows F.C. sign and discharges it 
At 12 The presenter takes step, shows M.M. sign, discharges it and recovers

At 13 The presenter puts right hand on the V.O.S.L.
At 14 The presenter indicates the Sq. & C,s.
At 15 The presenter kneels & seals once on the V.O.S.L.