10 Reasons to Become a Mason

1.) Freemasonry is a Fraternity in which you confidently trust your Lodge Brothers and entrust your family with them.


2.) Freemasonry is a Fraternity where, within moral and civil guidelines, free thought, free speech, and spiritual growth can develop to its fullest potential.


3.) Freemasonry provides the opportunity to meet, know and befriend outstanding individuals from all walks of life you would not otherwise meet and consider them a Brother.


4.) Freemasonry is an opportunity to be part of a Fraternity that holds Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth as its principle tenets.


5.) Freemasonry provides self-development opportunities, leadership training, and experience and refine public speaking skills.


6.) Freemasonry fosters an environment to seek support and or provide it to others.


7.) Freemasonry teaches and regularly reinforces moral virtues.


8.) Freemasonry provides an opportunity to spend time with a group of Brothers, who, by acting as good men, makes you want to be a better man. Not better than others, but better within yourself than you would have been otherwise.


9.) Freemasonry affords an opportunity for men to enhance their services to church and community.


10) Freemasonry is a place to meet established members of the community and to become a more effective and engaged citizen.