The Membership Process

   The process of becoming a Freemason is very straight forward.  Two Masons are required to recommend you for membership in the Lodge. If you are not known to many members of the Lodge, you may be invited to attend open house events, fellowship breakfasts or dinners before our meetings in order for the members to get to know you before accepting and voting on your petition for membership.


   Once your petition for membership is accepted, a committee of investigation - a small group of knowledgeable members - will be appointed to meet with you and/or your family in order to discuss your petition and learn more about you. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about Freemasonry and/or Phoenix Lodge.  The committee reports their findings back to the lodge and your petition will be voted on approximately a month later.  If accepted, a member of the fraternity will contact you and schedule a date to begin your Masonic journey.