Phoenix Lodge No. 8 and the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry (F.I.L.I.)

The following members of Phoenix Lodge No. 8 are known to have served in the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry between 1793 and the present:

Commanders of the F. I. L. I.


Major Herman Levitt Bishop (1954-1960, 1967-1969)


Major Archibald Moore Campbell, PM (1850-1855)


Major William Frederick Campbell, PM (1884-1889)


Major Bruce Joseph Daws (1984-Present)


Major Walter Draughon (1855-1858)


Major William L. Hawley (1830-1834)


Major Phillip O. Hoffer, PM (1935-1937)


Major J. G. Hollingsworth (1899-1900)


Major James H. Hooper (1826-1828)


Major J. Ross Jones, PM (1929-1935)


Major Eugene Chapman McDonald, PM (1949-1951)


Major Archibald McLean (1846-1850)


Major Ransom N. Smith (1947-1949)


Major Robert Strange, PM (1823-1826)


Major John M. Strong (1828-1830)


Major John C. Vann (1893-1896, 1900-1912, 1915-1925)


Captain John Winslow (1801-1806, 1811-1819)


Major John Winslow Wright (1819-1823)









Noncommissioned Officers