Preparing to be a Leader in Phoenix Lodge No. 8

1.  What are the most important things you need to work on NOW to prepare for your year as the Worshipful Master of Phoenix Lodge No. 8?


   a.  Learning the ritual to open and close the lodge.


   b.  Planning and arranging your programs for the year you are Worshipful Master.


   c.  Learning how to handle petitions for degrees, affiliation, and other membership issues.


   d.  Familiarize yourself with the Lodge's finances and budget.


   e.  Practice public speaking - clear, forceful, and in charge.


   f.  Develop a good working knowledge of Stated Communication agendas, the Grand Lodge Code, and the Lodge's by-laws.



2.  Why is learning the ritual important TO YOU?


   a.  It's important so you don't have to worry about it while you're running your meetings.


   b.  It's important to prove to your members that you know what you're doing.


   c.  It's important because you don't want PMs on the sidelines "helping" you make it through a meeting.


3.  What are some ways to learn the ritual to open and close the lodge?


   a.  Practice, practice, practice.


   b.  Attend Lodge regularly - it will sink in.


   c.  recite the ritual in the car on your way to and from Lodge meetings.


   d.  Find a coach to help you practice.