Honored Members in Medical Service

The following members of Phoenix Lodge No. 8 have distinguished themselves in service to the Medical Profession:

Dr. Reece A. Allgood


Dr. Paul C. Campbell, Jr.


Dr. (Major) Edward K. Cleveland


Dr. David Melvin Cogdell


Dr. William R. Cook


Dr. Daniel S. Currie, Jr.


Dr. Daniel S. Currie, Sr.


Dr. Samuel L. Elfmon


Dr. Robert Ferguson, KT, KM


Dr. Malcolm T. Foster, PM


Dr. (Major) Bernard B. Gilden


Dr. Harry D. Greene


Dr. Lill D. Hair


Dr. John McKamie Harry


Dr. Seavey Highsmith


Dr. E. L. Hunter


Dr. Robert C. Keslar


Dr. Edward Klane


Dr. Lee R. Lerman


Dr. Harold Erastus Maxwell, PM


Dr. Daniel G. Monroe


Dr. Robert M. Olive


Dr. Lawrence Hughes Paschal


Dr. Raymond L. Pittman


Dr. Dallas L. Pridgen, PM


Dr. William Thomas Rainey - Partnered with Dr. Jacob Franklin Highsmith to establish the first private hospital in North Carolina (Highsmith Hospital, now Highsmith-Rainey Specialty Hospital in Fayetteville, NC).


Dr. John N. Robertson


Dr. William Harry Sayler (Saylor)


Dr. W. O. Slappey


Dr. Irvin Stein


Dr. Walter H. Thicle


Dr. William C. Verdery