Phoenix Lodge No. 8's By-Laws c. 2006 (Current)



SECTION 1.  The name of the lodge shall be Phoenix Lodge No. 8 of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.


SECTION 2.  It shall be located at Fayetteville, in Cumberland County in North Carolina.


SECTION 3.  It hereby acknowledges obedience and yields allegiance to The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina.




SECTION 1.  Where the term THE CODE appears in these By-Laws, it shall have direct reference to THE CODE of law of The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina.




SECTION 1.  This lodge hereby adopts the following design, an impression of which is made herein, as its official seal.  (Lodge seal would be impressed here).




SECTION 1.  The officers of this lodge, their respective qualifications, and their powers shall be those prescribed in THE CODE, together with such other duties as shall properly pertain to their respective officers by the usage and customs of the Craft, and as may be required of them, from time to time or which may be prescribed in these By-Laws.




SECTION 1.  In addition to the duties prescribed in THE CODE for the Treasurer, he shall prepare and file with the lodge at the first stated communication in January each year a report showing the receipts, disbursements and the financial condition of the lodge for the preceding year ending December thirty-first.  He shall make and file a similar report at any other time the lodge or Master directs.  His reports shall be referred to the Committee on Finance and Budget.




SECTION 1.  In addition to the duties prescribed in THE CODE for teh Secretary, he shall make and file with the lodge at the first stated communication in January each year, a report of the work done, condition of the accounts of the lodge with its officers and members, and other matters relating to the finances and business of the lodge which may be under his care.  He shall make and file a similar report at any other time the lodge or Master directs.  his reports on financial matters shall be referred to the Committee on Finance and Budget.




SECTION 1.  In addition to the duties prescribed in THE CODE for the Tyler, he shall perform such other duties as the lodge or the Master may direct, from time to time.




SECTION 1.  A stated communication of this lodge shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.  (Amended January 1, 1973).


SECTION 2.  By a majority vote at a stated communication, the lodge may dispense with Stated Communications during either or both of the months of July and August, and those falling on legal holidays, except the Annual Communication which shall be governed by THE CODE.


SECTION 3.  All communications shall be held at the Lodge Hall on the corner of Mason and Arch Streets at Fayetteville, in the County of Cumberland, North Carolina.




SECTION 1.  The fees for degrees in this lodge shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) all of which must accompany the petition and be paid in full before the petition shall be received by the lodge.  (Amended January 1, 1985).  (A motion and successful vote were made in 2011 to increase this fee to one hundred fifteen dollars ($115.00) to cover the cost of the fifteen dollar ($15.00) fee required by The Grand Lodge of North Carolina to conduct a background check on the applicant.)




SECTION 1.  The annual membership dues in this lodge shall be fifty-five dollars ($55.00) which each member shall pay in advance on or before the first day of January.  (Amended January 1, 2006).  (A motion and successful vote was made in 2011 to raise the dues to $75.00).




SECTION 1.  The fee for affiliation with this lodge shall be five dollars ($5.00) which must accompany the application for affiliation and be paid in full before the application shall be received by the lodge.




SECTION 1.  The standing committees of this lodge, together with their respective duties shall be as prescribed in Chapter 69 of THE CODE.




SECTION 1.  The Master and Wardens shall constitute the Committee on Charity as provided in Regulation 69-02 of THE CODE and during the recess of the lodge they shall have power to draw orders on the Treasurer for any sum, not to exceed Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) for any one case to relieve the distress of a worthy brother or those dependent on him.  (Amended January 1, 2006).




SECTION 1.  The Committee on Finance and Budget shall consist of three members to be appointed annually.


SECTION 2.  The duties of this committee shall be those prescribed in Chapter 69 of THE CODE.  (69-03).




SECTION 1.  The Treasurer, Secretary, Tyler and any other officer or member shall receive such compensation for their respective services as shall from time to time be prescribed and fixed by resolution of the lodge.




SECTION 1.  Not later than the first stated Commuinication after the adoption of this by-law, the lodge shall elect by a majority vote, three members qualified as provided by THE CODE of the Grand Lodge, as Trustees, one to serve one year, one to serve two years, and one to serve three years.  At each succeeding election of officers, one trustee shall be elected by a majority vote to serve three years; he shall be qualified as provided by THE CODE.  (68-06 <1a>) (Chapter 68).




SECTION 1.  The powers and duties of the Trustees shall be those prescribed in THE CODE.




SECTION 1.  The trustees of Phoenix Lodge shall likewise be the representatives of Phoenix Lodge on the Board of Governors of the Masonic Temple.


BE IT RESOLVED.  That the By-Laws of Phoenix Lodge No. 8 A.F. & A.M., be amended by adding a new section under Article 19 to be numbered 1 and read as follows:




SECTION 1.  The Master in his discretion may appoint a Chaplian under the provisions of Regulation 61-01 (1a) as adopted April 17, 1958.  (Adopted September 12, 1958).








SECTION 1.  When the lodge is opened on a stated communication, the following order of business shall be observed subject to change or modification by the lodge or the Master, that will adapt it to a proper disposition of the business of the lodge:


A.  Reading of the minutes of the last stated and all intervening communications.

B.  Unfinished business.

C.  Reading and acting on correspondence.

D.  Reports of investigating committees.

E.  Balloting on petitions and applications.

F.  Reception of petitions for the degrees and applications for membership, restoration, or advancement.

G.  Reports of standing committees:

  (1)  on charity.

  (2)  on finance and budget.

  (3)  on reference.

  (4)  on Oxford Orphanage.

  (5)  on Masonic and Eastern Star Home.

  (6)  on Masonic education.

H.  Reports of Special Committees.

I.  New Business.

J.  Motions and resolutions.

K.  Informal communications affecting the Craft.

L.  Degree work, including eamination of candidates.

M.  Reading and approval of minutes.

N.  Closing the lodge.




SECTION 1.  Miscellaneous laws are as follows:


A.  The Master shall put all questions distinctly, if any discussion is called for, he shall request those who voted in teh affirmative to rise and he shall count them; and then the negative; then he shall declare the result.

B.  In case of a vote on any question the majority of those present voting for or against shall be necessary to a decision except when more than a majority is required by law for a decition; in case of a tie, the presiding officer shall decide; provided he has not already voted.

C.  When a brother is about to sepak, he shall rise from his seat and respectfully address the Worshipful Master.

D.  If any brother is speaking or otherwise shall transgress the rules of the lodge, the Master or any member may call him to order; he shall immediately take his seat and the member calling him to order shall state the point of the order.  The Master shall decide the question of order without debate except that the brother called to order may be allowed to explain.  If the decision be in favor of the brother, he shall be at liberty to proceed if he continues to be in order.

E.  If two or more members rise at once, the Master shall name the one entitled to the floor.

F.  No visitor shall address the lodge without leave being first obtained or unless he be called on by the Master.

G.  When the Maser is stating a question or addressing the lodge or when a brother is speaking, no person shall enter, go out of, or cross the room, nor shall one be permitted to enter into private discourse.

H.  No motion for reconsideration shall be made, except by a member voting in the majority and at the same communication when the question shall have been decided.

I.  When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the Master; and if it be in writing, it shall be read by the Secretary before debate.

J.  Every motion shall be reduced to writing if a member requests it.  In filling in blanks the larges sum or number and the longest time shall be first stated.

K.  Any motion may be withdrawn by the mover before decision or amendment, but not thereafter.

L.  No new motion or proposition shall be admitted while a question is pending before the lodge.

M.  No brother shall speak more than twice on the same question unless he obtains permission of the Master.

N.  Every member appointed on a committee must serve unless, for reasons given, he shall be excused by the Master.

O.  No brother shall interrupt another when speaking except by permission of the Master and the brother then speaking.

P.  No brother shall engage in conversation during the conferring of the degrees except when it is necessary to facilitate the work.

Q.  No brother shall smoke in the lodge room while a degree is being conferred.  (A motion and successfull vote was passed in 2009 making the entire lodge tobacco-free.)




SECTION 1.  THE CODE, laws, edicts and resolutions of The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina, and all future revisions, amendments, additions or changes made thereto by said Grand Lodge are hereby made a part of these By-Laws as fully as if set forth herein; and no part of these By-Laws which conflict therewith shall be valid or effective.




SECTION 1.  These By-Laws shall be amended only in the following manner: the proposed amendment shall specify the affected section or subsection and shall contain the entire section or subsection rewritten in such form as to express the law as intended, and shall be submitted in writing and read at a stated communication as substitute for the existing section or subsection, or as an addition thereto, or as a change in the seal of the lodge, as the case may be; after which it shall lay over until a subsequent stated communication when it shall again be read and submitted to a vote, and adopted by not less than two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present.  While such amenment is under consideration, it may be amended if the amendment thereto is germane to the subject.  After the adoption of such amendment or revision, two complete copies thereof with a certificate on Official Form 60 under the seal of the lodge shall be forwarded to the Committee on By-Laws of the Grand Lodge and no amendment, revision or change in the by-laws shall be effective until the date it is approved by the Committee on By-Laws of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina; and amendment providing for an additional subsection shall be lettered as a section of a subsection but not as an additional article.




SECTION 1.  When these By-Laws become effective, all previous By-Laws are hereby repealed.  All previous resolutions and enactments which are inconsistent, or in conflict with THE CODE or those By-Laws are hereby repealed and are void.


READ for the first time, August 11, 1950. 


READ AGAIN and adopted, October 13, 1950.


APPROVED, November 7, 1950.


Seven pages each initialed and impressed with the seal of this committee.



Charles B. Newcomb

Chairman, Committee on By-Laws

The Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of North Carolina