The Mystery of Union Lodge No. __'s Charter

   Although no evidence exists in literary or historical references from the 18th, 19th, or 20th centuries that shed any light on Union Lodge No. __'s origins, it is theorized that Union Lodge No. __ operated under a dispensation, warrant, or charter from a European Grand Lodge or one of the early Provincial Grand Lodges operating in the Colonies. 


   We know that Union Lodge exchanged this document in 1788 for a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons.  Additionally, the Brethren of Union Lodge voted to change the Lodge's name from "Union" to "Phoenix."  The reason for this change is not known.


   The newly-christened Phoenix Lodge operated under dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons of North Carolina until 1793, when it received its first charter from that grand body.


   It is not known what became of this original Union Lodge charter, dispensation, or warrant.  It is presumed that it was returned to the Grand Lodge from which it was issued.