The Founding Members of Phoenix Lodge No. 8

    The Grand Lodge of the State of North Carolina, constituted by virtue of a charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, in 1771, held their meeting in Fayetteville, in 1788. Richard Caswell was the Grand Master, and at that meeting "Union Lodge" was represented by James Porterfield and John Winslow.


    During that session, the name of "Union Lodge" was expunged, and "Phoenix Lodge," the name which our Lodge now bears, substituted, and by dispensation, James Porterfield was appointed Master, John Winslow, Senior Warden, and Thomas Davis, Junior Warden. The By-Laws, then adopted, are now in existence, and the following are the names of those who signed them:


Jas. Porterfield, W. M.

John Winslow, S. W.

Duncan McAuslan, J. W.

Samuel Murley, Sec’y.

David Anderson, Treas.

David McNeill, S. D.

Robert Norriss, J. D.

Lee DeKeyser, Steward

John Burke, Steward

Peter McArther

Dolphin Davis,

James Howat

Robert Donaldson

Walter McNaughton

James Thorburn

John Louis Taylor

James Brenan

Robert McFarlan

John Sibley

Peter Strong

John Porterfield

William Meng

Richard Henderson

Richard Hallett

Guilford Dudley

William Cochran

John Naylor

James Leonard

Roger Cutlar

Peter Tarbee

Thomas Branton

W. B. Grove

Richard Cochran

John Earle

J. Williamson

Daniel Wheaton

Thomas Davis

Robinson Mumford

Saunders Malborne

Joshua Winslow

Elisha Stedman

Edward Etting

Caleb Dana Howard

David Kerr

Oliver Spear

Isaac Sessions

James Etting


    These then were the respected founders of the Phoenix Lodge to which we now belong, my brethren.