Donors and Patrons of Phoenix Lodge No. 8

Phoenix Lodge could never have been constructed and would never have survived the ravages of time without the hard work and generosity of its members.  Many of these selfless acts are unrecorded, but those donors who are known are recorded here:



The Master's Chair - Fayetteville York Rite Bodies - 1949

The Senior Warden's Chair -

The Junior Warden's Chair -

The Senior Deacon's Chair - Joe Pierce in Memory of Horace W. Pigg

The Junior Deacon's Chair – Ross West

The Senior Steward's Chair – Louis O. Dean, Jr.

The Junior Steward's Chair - Mary Neill Mercer in Honor of Carlon G. Mercer

The Chaplain's Chair - Pearla M. Ray in Loving Memory of Robert M. Ray


Lodge Seat – Leon C. Lancaster

Lodge Seat – Larry & Nina Sherman in Honor of Harry M. Sherman

Lodge Seat - Andrew and Herb Stiles, Jr. in Memory of Jean Paul Richter

Lodge Seat – "To Join with Those" Edward B. Wells KYCH-PHP

Lodge Seat – Michael L. Hawkes

Lodge Seat – Robert J. Nunes

Lodge Seat – Billie C. Smith Family in Honor of Billie C. Smith, PM

Lodge Seat – Ethel A. Jones in Honor of Johnnie B. Jones, PM, Life Member

Lodge Seat – Donated by Robert F. Lewis

Lodge Seat – Louise S. Pittman in Memory of John Clifton Pittman, Jr.

Lodge Seat – Donated by Edward K. Cleveland

Lodge Seat – Carlton T. Adcock Master 1967

Lodge Seat – Henry H. Umphlet and Family in Memory of William Henry Umphlet

Lodge Seat – Hyman J. Lacob

Lodge Seat – Mayfair Jones in Honor of Will Jones Master 1984

Lodge Seat – Long Leaf Pine Chapter #186 Order of the Eastern Star 1980

Lodge Seat – George Brown

Lodge Seat – Eugene Madison Past Master

Lodge Seat – Lottie F. Pope in Memory of McKinley Pope

Lodge Seat – Bill D. Greer

Lodge Seat – Jim Hay in Memory of Tom G. Slate

Lodge Seat – B. Hodgson & G. Popovich in Memory of Michael Popovich

Lodge Seat – Gift from the Family of Rupert W. Harrison

Lodge Seat – Henry & Dahlia Melvin in Memory of Thomas G. Slate

Lodge Seat – Clarence Pierce in Honor of Roy G. Manning

Lodge Seat – In Memory of My Wife Patricia A. Toney – Billy Toney

Lodge Seat – Andrew and Herb Stiles, Jr. in Memory of Jean Paul Richter

Lodge Seat – Mildred Norton in Memory of Winford M. Green

Lodge Seat – Carl Ben White

Lodge Seat – James W. Slusser

Lodge Seat – Adam P. Ancerico in Memory of B. E. Altman

Lodge Seat – In Honor of Fred H. McBryde, Jr.

Lodge Seat – In Honor of Frank Milo McBryde

Lodge Seat – In Memory of Frank McBryde Past Master 1946

Lodge Seat – In Memory of R. Vincent McBryde Past Master 1947

Lodge Seat – James C. Jackson

Lodge Seat – Margaret Scott & Marie Hatch in Memory of George A. Hatch

Lodge Seat – Joseph C. Dryden in Honor of Helen M. Dryden

Lodge Seat – In Memory of Norris M. Vallandingham from his Family

Lodge Seat – Myrtle Barnes in Memory of John Barnes

Lodge Seat – Elizabeth Lewis in Honor of Jesse Lewis Master 1971

Lodge Seat – Jesse & Elizabeth Lewis, Jr. in Memory of Jesse & Bertha Lewis, Sr.

Lodge Seat – Jesse & Elizabeth Lewis, Jr. in Memory of Carson & Cora Melvin, Sr.

Lodge Seat – Fronnie G. Jackson

Lodge Seat – Clyde L. Gardner

Lodge Seat – Marie F. Gardner

Lodge Seat – Alfred U. Kruger

Lodge Seat – Emily & Hoyt Randall in Memory of Inez & R. E. McBride

Lodge Seat – R. Signor & V. Riley in Honor of William G. Signor

Lodge Seat – Jane Sanders in Honor of St. Clair Sanders

Lodge Seat – Nina C. Sherman in Memory of Clarence T. Cantrell

Lodge Seat – Nellie C. Rhodes in Memory of Robert Louis Rhodes, Sr.

Lodge Seat – Lonnie P. Hubbard

Lodge Seat – Elizabeth M. Hubbard

Lodge Seat – Daniel & John Wemyss in Memory of William P. Wemyss, PM

Lodge Seat – Nancy B. Miller, Past Worthy Advisor, Fayetteville Assembly No. 22

Lodge Seat – Roy & Lib Manning in Memory of Jacob Vaughan

Lodge Seat – Craty & Knox McDonald

Lodge Seat – Ethyl W. Duffield, Jr. in Memory of Edith Andrews

Lodge Seat – Edith B. Thornton in Honor of Thomas A. Thornton, III

Lodge Seat – John F. Lynch

Lodge Seat – Ralph Sherman

Lodge Seat – Temple D. Jennings in Honor of Walter T. Hayes

Lodge Seat – Louie A. McRae, Sr. in Memory of Beecher Wayne McDaniel

Lodge Seat – Betty Jo/Judy/Scout in Honor of Carl L. Reece

Lodge Seat – Joseph C. Dryden

Lodge Seat – Roy Manning in Memory of Carrie & P. E. Manning

Lodge Seat – Rainbow Assembly #22 in Memory of Charles J. Krantz

Lodge Seat – In Memory of George Lacey Coleman by Wife & Children

Lodge Seat – Thomas Jenkins Hunt

Lodge Seat – John Adams II in Memory of Remus E. Adams

Lodge Seat – Michael B. Martin in Memory of my Father Clyde B. Martin

Lodge Seat - Larry Windsor in Memory of Annie B. Windsor

Lodge Seat - C. D. McDonald in Memory of Bryan W. Catlett

Lodge Seat - Edith Thornton in Memory of Thomas A Thornton, Jr.

Lodge Seat - John T. Kelly, Jr.

Lodge Seat - Homer L. Biggs