The Elevator

   Our elevator was installed through the tremendous efforts of the Brethren of Phoenix Lodge, Order of the Eastern Star Chapter No. 186, and Rainbow Girls Assembly No. 22.  This elevator has been a great benefit to the members and guests since it was installed in 2001.


   Special thanks are due to WB Louis O. Dean, Jr., PM, PDDGM, for his leadership, motivation, and fundraising efforts that made the installation of this elevator possible.


A memorial plaque is affixed to the elevator:


"Dedicated to the Rainbow Girls, Assembly No. 22 and Eastern Star Chapter No. 186 for their inception and donations and Louis O. Dean, Jr., PM, PDDGM.


December 4 2001


The Freemasons of Phoenix Lodge No. 8 are forever indebted to him for his many hours of labor and his efforts in bringing about this elevator."