Hon. John Hall, PGM

1767 - 1833

Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, 6th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina

John Hall was an American jurist who served as one of the original three judges of the North Carolina Supreme Court.


Hall, a Staunton, Virginia native and alumnus of the College of William and Mary, moved to Warrenton, North Carolina as a young man to practice law.  Hall married Mary Weldon and together they had ten children.


He was an ardent Freemason and served as the sixth Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina.  He was a member of Phoenix Lodge No. 8 and was also a member of Johnston-Caswell Lodge.


In 1800 Hall became a Superior Court judge and held that position until the North Carolina Supreme Court was organized in 1818.


Hall was elected by the North Carolina General Assemby to serve on the Supreme Court with Leonard Henderson and Chief Justice John L. Taylor, also a member of Phoenix Lodge No. 8, in 1818 and remained on the bench from its first meeting in January 1819 until his declining health led him to retire in 1832.


He died in 1833 and was buried in a family plot in Warrenton, North Carolina.