Robert William Southerland

28 May 1868-11 October 1909

Robert William Southerland was born in Mount Olive, NC, on 28 May 1868, and was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Phoenix Lodge No. 8 in 1891.


He served as Master of Athelstan Lodge in Mobile, Alabama, from 1897-1898.  He was exalted to the Royal Arch degree in Mobile Chapter No. 21, June 25, 1894, and was its High Priest in 1902-1903.  He was also a member of Mobile Council, R. & S. M., and of Mobile Commandery, K. T., over which latter body he presided in 1902.  He received the Scottish Rite degrees at Mobile in 1899, and attained the 33rd degree (honorary) in 1905. 


In 1898 he was appointed Master of the First Veil in the Grand Chapter, and was advanced until he reached the station of Grand High Priest in December, 1908, but did not live to serve out his term of office.